Calvin Pinderhues
Calvin is the main character of the series. His daily mishaps and ludicrous ideas serve as the basis for most of the stories. Whether dealing with acne or chasing after Shandra, Calvin never has a dull moment.
Stevie "Stags" Stagg
Stags is the ever-present clear thinker of the group. In many ways, Stags is the polar opposite of Calvin. While he is wheelchair bound, he never refrains from joining the gang in their after school activities.
Shandra Martin
Shandra is the asthmatic love interest of Calvin. She has been the object of his affection since he was in first grade and recently started dating him. What makes her such a catch is that she is just "one of the guys."
Jason Smitts
Jason clings to every new fad out as well as those of the past. He often tags along with Calvin and Stags on one of their many adventures, though he is not without adventures of his own.
Lisa Phillips
While hard to tell from her dark appearance, Lisa is a very sweet and cheerful young girl. Though she is blind, she has never let this stop her from doing the things she enjoys most. 
Luis "Lu" Choi
Lu serves as the group's resident genius. When he isn't downloading countless movies online, he is building state of the art jetpacks and nuclear reactors that may or may not blow up the school.
Oliver Mackey
Oliver is the new kid at school who is always anxious to fit in. His goal is to be the best sidekick he can be. When he is not vying for attention, he is battling one of his many allergic reactions.
Stanley Pinderhues
When Stanley isn't at odds with his son, he's dealing with life as a divorcee. While he can be a bit unorthodox and perhaps has less than stellar parenting skills, he loves his son.
Chewie is the 3 legged, blind hamster of Calvin. While most kids buy a hamster, Calvin was given it when the local pet store figured no one would want it. Chewie has a pension for Reese's Pieces and listening to The Simpsons.
November 25th, 2023

Back at it!

It’s been a while since the strips or their sites have received any love as adulthood has taken up a good bit of time. That said, I’m working on changing that! As you can see, the sites have been updated to a new, more mobile friendly and (hopefully) modern design.

The next step is to start working on the strips again, with a tentative plan to start them up in the beginning of the New Year.




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